Being back in the beautiful Nantes in the Loire Valley, I have found myself reminiscing and remembering little episodes of my life here two years ago. My housemate Alex and I lived in a tiny but cosy apartment across the road from a local restaurant named Tartines et Bouchons. Our French windows on the third floor looked out onto the terrace of the restaurant, therefore we experienced many of the goings on amongst the clientele and built up a friendly rapport with the owners.

One winters evening at about ten o’ clock we decided that we were hungry. After searching the apartment for chocolate from top to bottom (literally, Alex even stood on a chair to search the highest shelves), we whimsically decided to go and have an evening snack of snails at the neighbouring eatery!

So off we popped downstairs, entered the restaurant to huge grins from the waiters, which turned into laughter when we ordered une assiette d’escargots (a plate of snails). Generally enjoyed as a starter with a glass of wine, the staff brushed off our strange request as the English charm and gave us what we wanted.

After providing plenty of entertainment mastering the snail-eating concoction which actually proved more difficult than using a fork, we returned back to our little home and went to bed. I woke up in the morning to a text from my coloc (housemate) reading ‘I can feel the snails crawling around in my belly… Wiggle wiggle!’ For about a week after she couldn’t get the thought of live snails in her tummy out of her head…

Now that I am back in France, this time with another equally amusing friend, I am very much looking forward to many more entertaining snail eating experiences!